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Google chrome scare

Tech support scammers are attempting to scare Google Chrome users into paying for their services. They‘ve found a way to “freeze” the web browser, so you won’t be able to close it. A popup message then appears on-screen, prompting you to call a phone number so “engineers can walk you through the removal process”. The aim of the campaign is to cause panic and try to trick victims into paying…

Importance of Security Updates

It is an ongoing myth that only Windows users are vulnerable to malicious attacks. The most common operating systems below are all subject to security issues: Windows 7/8.1/10 MacOS Linux Android IOS (iPhone) On the 28th November 2017 Apple was made aware of a huge security issue that allowed anyone to log into Apple computers running MacOS High Sierra by entering the login “Root”, leaving the password field blank and…

How safe is your Network?

How safe is your Network? Having anti-virus doesn't always make your network safe. Click the link below and read what happened to Liz when her files were locked in part of a ransomware attack. See how SonicWALL helped her secure her network. If you have any further questions feel free to call our SonicWALL team on 01560 428031

Cyber Security

The Brief: Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd had a requirement for a solution to provide secure remote access externally to their network and provide a reliable secure WI-FI network within their head office in Kilmarnock replacing the existing desktop based access points. The Solution: Our in house SonicWall certified team were able to meet the brief requirements with the deployment of a TZ series SonicWall firewall device coupled together with…

Tales from the Tech Corner

As I’m the newest member of staff at SOD-IT and Martin keeps insisting I do something social media based, so in a bid to resist getting a Facebook account (yes I am one of THOSE people) I’ve decided to try and share some advice based on the things we come across regularly. This time I’ve decided it’s Backup. Yes I know it’s boring and something most of us only think…

The Ransomware Threat

The Ransomware Threat Sometimes old becomes new again. Such is the case with ransomware attacks, which have become popular once more. First released in 1989, ransomware infects a system and “locks out” the user from accessing the device or files on it. Only when the victim agrees to pay a ransom, usually in the form of bitcoins, can the system be unlocked and accessed again. The following post provides eight…

Dell Sonic Points installed

Cyber Security in Ayrshire Do you run a hotel, or a chain of hotels for that matter and require a bullet proof solution for guests visiting your premises and staff using your IT network to manage operations? SOD-IT recommend a fantastic product called Sonic Points from our partner Dell. Businesses are now in control of user access to the internet. Businesses and hotel groups can now provide visitors or customers with a guest…

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