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Business communications are key and we can assist with your IT infrastructure, no matter the size of your business.

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Cloud Telephone Systems VoIP

As well as being great fun to say, VoIP is an internet telephone service which uses an internet connection to make calls rather than the standard method which uses a phone line. Using VoIP is very useful for businesses and has many advantages:

  • Cheaper
  • Higher call quality than using landline
  • Use of the hold feature with music for queued customers
  • Access to your calls wherever you have an internet connection

If you have a dedicated team that can handle maintenance, upgrades, data monitoring and backups we can install the system on your premises. Alternatively, you can use our hosted VoIP service and let us handle the boring, technical stuff for you!

If you would like more information about VoIP and how it could benefit your business, give us a ring… we promise we won’t put you on hold!

Conference Calls

The ability to make conference calls is one of the most important business innovations in recent times and has improved businesses across the globe, making the world a much smaller place in the process!

Using conference calls has many advantages and SOD-IT will fully supply and set up the required technology to allow your business to make conference calls with sound and picture quality so good it’ll make you think you’re all in the same room!

Using the technology saves time, money and allows you to grow your business, connecting with people who would previously have been beyond reach.

Business Landlines

Setting up business phone lines can be very useful for your business and are a great way of cutting costs, improving call efficiency and giving you more control over call management.

Helping your customers avoid a frustrating phone experience can make a huge difference to your business. Trying to get in touch with some companies can be a terrible experience; no one likes to be on hold or being put through to the wrong department after waiting for 45 minutes!

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