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Pick up the phone and speak to a highly qualified IT Specialist within minutes. We understand how crucial time is to your business. SOD-IT can assist with all your IT requirements.

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Internet and Network Setup

SOD-IT®’s expert engineers are on hand to visit your home or business premises to configure the network to match your needs. This can be anything from setting up your home internet for you and your family or installing a large scale business network complete with all the necessary cabling, servers and connected work stations.

Making sure your network is set up properly can be very important and can make a huge difference to the efficiency, speed and quality of your business set up. SOD-IT will make sure that your network is designed and set up correctly so it is working to its maximum potential and you’re getting the very best out of it.

So if you run into a problem you need fixed you can simply give us a call and we’ll be on-hand to either guide you through the solution or come and take care of it ourselves.

We cover:

  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Migration of current network to new premises
  • Servers
  • Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  • Wireless setup
  • Internet security/login protection
  • Web/Email hosting & exchange
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) services
  • Printer setup

Desktop Support

Your business desktops and laptops are one of the most, if not the most critical pieces of IT infrastructure many businesses have after servers. Think how much it will cost your business for every minute or hour lost if you and/or your staff cannot work, you realise how important that box under (or on) the desk really is. SOD-IT’s desktop support engineers can manage, troubleshoot hardware and software issues throughout your business both via remote support or desk-side support.

Server Support

The most important piece of IT infrastructure is the business server(s). In most cases it will hold all of your company data and controls access to this data. If the server goes down, the business literary stops functioning. SOD-IT support many small to medium size businesses and proactively maintain servers to ensure they remain up and running for businesses to function. We will also recommend any upgrades when hardware and systems could become problematic to prevent downtime.

Computer Networking

SOD-IT will make sure that your network is designed and set up in so it is working to its maximum potential and you’re getting the very best out of it.

Everyone knows that communication is very important in order for any type of team or business to work effectively. This is also true in the world of computers. We are here to ensure that the communication and security of data is effective in order to maximise the efficiency of your company and also the experience you encounter as a general user. This involves quick data transfer, back-up and storage of important data, access to shared information and linking devices together.

SOD-IT are growing at a rapid pace having IT support contracts in Ayrshire, Glasgow and Edinburgh. We can custom our support packages to support small businesses and residential users. In addition to our support services, we offer a full network infrastructure data cabling service from completely new installations to extending/patching in existing network points.

Monitoring Service

SOD-IT are proactive rather than reactive. Our server technicians monitor your business infrastructure on a daily basis to ensure peace of mind for our clients. We’ll find the problems before they occur and rectify out with business hours to ensure there is no disruption to your business.

Business Help Desk

SOD-IT host a fully supported help desk with IT experts at the end of the phone. No matter when your business has a problem relating to IT, we can assist instantly via a remote connection or one of our engineers can attend your business within a matter of hours.

Cloud & On-site Backup

Our Data Backup Solution makes it so easy for you to backup your files safely online and without the usual hassle of having to plug in an external device. This is because the Data Backup Solution software is installed on your PC or Mac and works seamlessly in the background to protect your important files.

We are excited to announce this advanced product to the market and having rolled it out to numerous customers, it has already proved a great success.

We install our software on your PC and depending on the option selected and the number of computers to back up, we begin with a back up of your current data. Experience has shown us that this can take a couple of days to update but this really comes down to the amount of data you would like to backup.

Did we mention all our customers get UNLIMITED space when backing up? That’s right, UNLIMITED space and no hidden charges if you feel you are backing up too many files.

Your life is on your computer; it’s valuable so let’s back it up. All the pictures of your family, your music, important business files, you name it – we back it up for you. We have that big filing cabinet that you do not want in your house or office and we have it protecting your data whenever something goes wrong.

You may or may not already have a back up solution in place that involves plugging in an external drive but our solution means your data is stored off site. No matter what happens, you can rely on us to have a back up of your data!

Our Data Backup Solutions is the perfect solution to home users and has already proved a lifesaver for businesses.

The contract we have with our customers is on an annual basis. If for any reason you would like to cancel the back up solution, we will remove our service from your computer and update our records. There are no cancellation costs.

Laptop Supply

We understand the problems that come with cheap laptops; after all, it’s usually us that ends up having to fix them. We would rather pass on our expert advice to you, so that when you buy a new laptop, you’re getting the most for your money as well as something that can handle everything you throw at it.

Our hardware technicians are your best bet for accurate and useful advice when it comes to all the bits and bytes of computers. We live and breathe this stuff and are bona-fide experts in the field. We will do our best to take out all the stress of buying a new laptop and prevent any computer-related headaches!

We can help you no matter how computer-literate you may be. Whether you’re a complete technophobe with no idea what to buy, or someone with just looking for a bit more guidance, we will assist you with all things computing.

Support & Maintenance

There are few things more frustrating than a slow computer that’s prone to crashing. No one wants to spend their day staring at a frozen screen while they’re trying to get something done for work or watch a movie. SOD-IT feels your pain and offer several maintenance and support packages to help you keep your computer running smoothly without any issues.

So if you run into a problem you need fixed you can simply give us a call and we’ll be on-hand to either guide you through the solution or come and take care of it ourselves.

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