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Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Visit the tech corner to allow us to diagnose your system and we’ll do our best to clean it up, restore it or simply speed it up!

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Unfortunately, from time to time we all need some kind of repair to our tech. Whether it’s the result of a spilled coffee or just general wear and tear, these things happen and when they do, SOD-IT® are here to help! SOD-IT® provide a computer repair service throughout Ayrshire allowing customers to visit The Tech Corner and have your very own IT Support team. Benefit from:

  • Hardware repairs
  • Improving PC performance
  • Virus Removal
  • Driver support
  • Help with faulty programs

Data Storage & Recovery

Whether you need storage, protection, migration or recovery we’re the guys to call and can handle any amount of data you want to throw at us!

  • Data recovery from broken or infected PC
  • Data migration from old to new system
  • Data protection through security software
  • Online cloud storage for business or personal use


AVG Anti-Virus

There’s nothing more troubling than the idea that you or one of your employees could click on the wrong thing or open the wrong email attachment and end up with a computer virus, putting your security and personal files at risk. SOD-IT® can handle all your anti-virus issues and keep your home PC or business network safe and secure against cyber-threats.

  • Full anti-virus software setup
  • PC maintenance to ensure no future problems
  • Virus removal
  • Firewall setup
  • Password protection over large networks
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