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A Whole New Build

We finished this build for a customer after his hard drive failed and he was looking to resort back to a desktop PC. After a good discussion on his requirements, we decided on a custom system. If an upgrade is what you are looking for or a custom gaming PC, call the office on 01560 428031 or pop in to speak to a member of the team.

Upgrade to Windows 10! Support for Windows 7 is coming to an end. Without upgrading, you could become an easy target for hackers, scammers & computer viruses. Don't put your business/personal information at risk! Upgrade to Windows 10 before time runs out! Contact our IT Director John Bourne to learn more 01560 428031

Windows 7 Support is Ending

Support for Windows 7 is ending. ⏳⏳ The idea of upgrading all of your company’s systems to Windows 10 is daunting, we get that, but it’s a necessity. Microsoft recently announced it would no longer offer support for systems running Windows 7, which means no more updates. Without this support from Microsoft, it puts your business at risk. By no longer offering updates for Windows 7 users, Microsoft is essentially opening…

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