Apple’s iPhones deliberately slowed down on older models!

Apple has confirmed the suspicions of many iPhone owners by revealing it does deliberately slow down some models of the iPhone as they age. Many customers have long suspected that Apple slows down older iPhones to encourage people to upgrade. The company has now said it does slow down some models as they age, but only because the phones' battery performance diminishes over time. Apple said it wanted to "prolong…

Wileyfox Spark X

Could this be the solution to your work phone decision?     With a large 5.5screen, 2GB of Memory and 16GB of storage(expandable with a 32GB Micro SD card), 4G capability supporting dual sims (work/personal or voice/data) AND 1 free screen replacement when you register the device for warranty, the Wileyfox could be the perfect budget work phone. Available today from £101.00+VAT  

Fantastic O2 offer

Fantastic O2 offer including iPhone 8 64GB 12GB data Unlimited calls and texts 64GB iPhone 8 (with no upfront cost) All this for just £43.00+VAT PCM 24 month business contract Offer runs until 31st December

Partnership with Carphone Warehouse

We're proud to announce that we are a Carphone Warehouse partner who can now offer very competitive mobile phone contracts and phones to businesses. Call the team on 01560 428031 for more information.

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