The current processor arms race

New releases every year. This is something we have come to expect from the world of technology. Your average Jane or Joe will know this as a numeric value. The iPhone 7, then the iPhone 8 one year later. The same thing goes for computer processors; in Intel’s case - 6 th Generation, then 7 th Generation and so on. Not many people pay much attention to how processors work…

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Ubiquiti WiFi Installation

Today’s Install of Ubiquiti WiFi access points giving full coverage on a three storey new build house. Mounted on the ceiling with no visible cabling. Is your current WiFi solution providing fast and full coverage in your home or business, if not contact the #SOD-IT team to discuss your requirements. #SolutionsonDemand #sodit #Ayrshire #wecare


AMD Ryzen – High computer performance for a low cost.

You may not have noticed that there is a brand new computer chip on the market right now. AMD (Intel's only rival) have had their new chip called Ryzen on the market since the 2nd of March and the reviews have been all over the place.   It seems that Ryzen has disrupted the market so much that it has made a lot of people confused on how to justify…


Facebook most secure

Facebook has been named the most secure company in a study of instant messaging apps. Amnesty International ranked well-known services, with Apple coming second on the list with its iMessage and FaceTime apps. "We are already in an age where incredible amounts of people's personal data is online and that is rapidly increasing," says Joe Westby, a technology researcher for the human rights group. Snapchat and Skype were much lower…

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Partnership with Carphone Warehouse

We're proud to announce that we are a Carphone Warehouse partner who can now offer very competitive mobile phone contracts and phones to businesses. Call the team on 01560 428031 for more information.

SOD-IT Office

Our new office!

Keep up to date with us on Facebook for our opening night! Solutions on Demand Group new office in Stewarton. #wehavemoved #newoffice #sodit

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