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Gaming PC Fixed for Christmas

Recently we had a customer come in with a gaming PC, the machine had ceased to turn on and he had brought it in to be diagnosed. After some testing, we traced the issue to the motherboard, which meant a replacement board. The customer decided to update his machine, replacing the motherboard, CPU and RAM. We fitted an MSI Z390 motherboard, i9 9900k processor and 32GB of 3200MHz RAM, giving…

Desktop upgrade

So, another week and another build. A client who is into music production, got in touch as his present machine was struggling with the load imposed under recording and mixing. He'd already carried out some research, so had an idea of what he was looking for and had a budget in mind. The processor he was looking at was from an older range, so we suggested a slightly newer model…

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – What you need to know.

The main policies that are being implemented in the GDPR Bill are: Privacy: Strengthened consent rules that will mean consent is unambiguous and easy to withdraw. The bill looks to end the reliance on opt-out tick boxes that are "largely ignored" so that users know what they are signing up for. Improved data access: Individuals will find it easier to access information that organisations hold about them at no charge. Data portability: New rules…

Busy Week at SOD-IT

Another busy week for us. Here are a few of the devices we have been working on this week. They were in to have a secure data wipe and a factory reset to the clients requirements. If you require a secure data wipe or any other IT assistance, please give us a call 01560 428031.

Business computer support and IT solutions throughout Ayrshire

SOD-IT offer business computer support and IT solutions throughout Ayrshire, Glasgow & Edinburgh. We specialise in – Desktop Support Computers, Servers, Software & Hardware Support & Supply Computer Networking including WI-FI networks MS Exchange Mail Servers and Cloud Hosting Windows 7 / Windows 10 and All Office Suite Packages Sonic Wall Installations Come and meet our team or give us a call on 01560 428031 to arrange an onsite survey of your network.

Tales from the Tech Corner

As I’m the newest member of staff at SOD-IT and Martin keeps insisting I do something social media based, so in a bid to resist getting a Facebook account (yes I am one of THOSE people) I’ve decided to try and share some advice based on the things we come across regularly. This time I’ve decided it’s Backup. Yes I know it’s boring and something most of us only think…

Laptop clean ups at the Tech Corner

Dust can be a major factor when your laptop starts to slow down on you. Computer processors generate a lot of heat when in use, so to ensure they work at their best they must stay cool. When processors get to hot they start to slow themselves down as a means of not producing any more heat. In some cases, this can slow your computer down to a crawling speed.…

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