Business computer support and IT solutions throughout Ayrshire

SOD-IT offer business computer support and IT solutions throughout Ayrshire, Glasgow & Edinburgh. We specialise in – Desktop Support Computers, Servers, Software & Hardware Support & Supply Computer Networking including WI-FI networks MS Exchange Mail Servers and Cloud Hosting Windows 7 / Windows 10 and All Office Suite Packages Sonic Wall Installations Come and meet our team or give us a call on 01560 428031 to arrange an onsite survey of your network.

Ross Chalmers

Tales from the Tech Corner

As I’m the newest member of staff at SOD-IT and Martin keeps insisting I do something social media based, so in a bid to resist getting a Facebook account (yes I am one of THOSE people) I’ve decided to try and share some advice based on the things we come across regularly. This time I’ve decided it’s Backup. Yes I know it’s boring and something most of us only think…


Laptop clean ups at the Tech Corner

Dust can be a major factor when your laptop starts to slow down on you. Computer processors generate a lot of heat when in use, so to ensure they work at their best they must stay cool. When processors get to hot they start to slow themselves down as a means of not producing any more heat. In some cases, this can slow your computer down to a crawling speed.…

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