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As I’m the newest member of staff at SOD-IT and Martin keeps insisting I do something social media based, so in a bid to resist getting a Facebook account (yes I am one of THOSE people) I’ve decided to try and share some advice based on the things we come across regularly. This time I’ve decided it’s Backup. Yes I know it’s boring and something most of us only think…


AMD Ryzen – High computer performance for a low cost.

You may not have noticed that there is a brand new computer chip on the market right now. AMD (Intel's only rival) have had their new chip called Ryzen on the market since the 2nd of March and the reviews have been all over the place.   It seems that Ryzen has disrupted the market so much that it has made a lot of people confused on how to justify…


Laptop clean ups at the Tech Corner

Dust can be a major factor when your laptop starts to slow down on you. Computer processors generate a lot of heat when in use, so to ensure they work at their best they must stay cool. When processors get to hot they start to slow themselves down as a means of not producing any more heat. In some cases, this can slow your computer down to a crawling speed.…


Competition time

Competition time - Win a laptop before Christmas with SOD-IT! Simply like our Facebook page and share our post to be in with a chance of winning an HP laptop worth £450. Visit our post on Facebook We will set the laptop up for the lucky winner and include 12 months anti virus protection. The winner will be presented by Kirstin and posted on Facebook. Good luck to all!

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The Ransomware Threat

The Ransomware Threat Sometimes old becomes new again. Such is the case with ransomware attacks, which have become popular once more. First released in 1989, ransomware infects a system and “locks out” the user from accessing the device or files on it. Only when the victim agrees to pay a ransom, usually in the form of bitcoins, can the system be unlocked and accessed again. The following post provides eight…


Dell Sonic Points installed

Cyber Security in Ayrshire Do you run a hotel, or a chain of hotels for that matter and require a bullet proof solution for guests visiting your premises and staff using your IT network to manage operations? SOD-IT recommend a fantastic product called Sonic Points from our partner Dell. Businesses are now in control of user access to the internet. Businesses and hotel groups can now provide visitors or customers with a guest…

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Halloween Offer!

Check out our latest spooky offer on this Lenovo! Call 01560 428031 for more information or drop into our office. #laptop #SOD-IT #happyhalloween


Facebook most secure

Facebook has been named the most secure company in a study of instant messaging apps. Amnesty International ranked well-known services, with Apple coming second on the list with its iMessage and FaceTime apps. "We are already in an age where incredible amounts of people's personal data is online and that is rapidly increasing," says Joe Westby, a technology researcher for the human rights group. Snapchat and Skype were much lower…

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Laptop October Offer

October Offer Another low cost October offer on this Lenovo laptop, fully set up by SOD-IT so it’s ready to go as soon as our customers take them out the box. Call 01560 428031 for more information or drop into our office. #laptop #SOD-IT

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